Transition To Adulthood Resources

Autism Ontario works to support autistic youth and their families through the transition to adulthood.

People connect with Transition Services at Autism Ontario seeking answers to questions about planning and preparing for adulthood, moving to adult services and supports, funding , post-secondary education, options for life after high school (post secondary, jobs, community involvement, etc.), and more.

Below you will find links to resources, learning materials, and content by autistic youth, their families, and professionals that may be helpful on the journey to adulthood.

Transition to Adulthood Resources
Transition from Youth to Adult Pictograph

Basic information about the journey to adulthood.

Transition from Youth to Adult Pictograph

Key Activities Checklist

A list of key things to check off your ‘to do’ list through the transition journey.

Key Activities Check List

Journey to Adulthood – Steps on the Journey Vignettes

Series of short vignettes by autistic adults and/or their families discussing their transition to adult journey.